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After interviewing seven different professional contractors, we hired RJL Construction to work with us on an extensive remodel of our 1928 Spanish style home in Pacific Grove. We enjoyed the process and could not be happier with the results! Bob Lis, Daniel Hunt, and their skilled team were extremely professional every step of the way, and they were also a joy to work with. They made the process such a positive experience, and put thought, effort, and commitment into our project as if it were their own home.

We had a fairly clear plan to begin with, but it can be overwhelming to deal with all of the details involved in building or remodeling a home. The RJL team had terrific suggestions and always gave us good direction and options from which to choose. They were so helpful and knowledgeable in navigating through the oftentimes frustrating and detailed process of sourcing materials, historical review, city and county requirements, and the permit process. After finishing this extensive remodel, we can honestly say, there is nothing we would change about our home!

Bob Lis was very resourceful in managing the construction process. His value engineering resulted in a very high quality home that fit within the restraints of our budget. His knowledge, experience, and contacts in the industry were invaluable, and he is a joy to work with. Daniel Hunt, our foreman, worked closely with us on a number of details that have made such a difference in the finished product. With his patience and skilled eye, he made sure that things were perfect, such as the detail on the fireplace mantel, the corbels on the wood beams, and the scale and finish of the kitchen island. Daniel’s contribution to the finished design is evident throughout our home.

RJL went out of their way to research, source and coordinate the finishing touches that make our home unique. We worked closely with them to incorporate 100-year- old iron gates from France, antique iron light fixtures, and vintage chandeliers. They found beautiful lumber (salvaged from a 1930’s railway station) to create wood beams for us – one of the special touches that fit in perfectly with the architecture and that truly make our home special. They worked closely with subcontractors to ensure quality finishes and results in plaster, painting, cabinets, and tile work. RJL’s commitment to quality work was evident every step of the way.

Our family developed a great working relationship with Bob, Daniel, and their team of professionals. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, they were great to have around, and they kept the area safe and clean throughout construction and afterwards when returning to finish detail work. The RJL team is truly like extended family to us! Since the completion of our project, we have recommended them wholeheartedly and they have gone on to work with various family members, friends, and neighbors.

The quality and character of the RJL team had a key role in making our “dream home” into a reality. Bob, Daniel, and their crew are exceptional individuals, and are truly a joy to work with. We credit them with making our project a positive experience for all involved. Their approach to challenges along the way was very helpful; their willingness to always make things right alleviated the stress we could have potentially faced in remodeling a 1920’s home. Their experience, positive attitude, quality work, relationships with subcontractors, and excellent work ethic all combined to result in an exceptional finished product. We could not be happier with our home!

Jon and Patricia Giffen

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